Available at your local Pharmacy

Purchase the Diabetes test below at your local Pharmacy. Please ask them to order it through their wholesaler if it’s not stocked.



The BeneCheck BK6-12M Plus Multi-Monitoring meter is an easy to use, handheld device which allows you to check your Cholesterol, as well as Glucose and Uric Acid levels.

The BeneCheck BK6-12M system uses the latest amperometric technology in a unique electrochemical process. Automatically collecting by capillary action a tiny amount of blood to provide accurate and consistent results in 30 seconds. A simple, painless, speedy procedure. It needs less blood than other meters to perform these tests.

BeneCheck Advantages

  • The BeneCheck BK6-12M Plus Multi-Monitoring meter  has the lowest recurring cost for strips
  • Accurate results delivered extremely quickly
  • No complex menu system
  • Most cost effective strips on the market
  • Small samples required to run tests
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Small and compact
BeneCheck Specifications


PDFClick here to download the Benecheck product QandA