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Smith BioMed (NZ) Ltd. is an importer / distributor of medical and drug and alcohol tests. It currently operates in the Australasian healthcare markets where it specialises in advanced screening technologies. In principle this negates the need for preliminary diagnoses to be carried out through doctors and laboratories, instead this unique system of testing/screening, can be adequately carried out in the home or by the health professional in a pharmacy.

There are evidential benefits to be gained from this, including earlier diagnosis of a medical condition, more efficient use of doctors time, less inconvenience for the client and less overall cost.

Smith BioMed is the leader in this field with ready access to the latest developments in global pharmaceutical research and from manufacturing organisations.

Included in this range of technologies is the access to rapid on-site forensic screening for the latest menu of drugs of abuse. This is an essential and valuable component in the battle to contain the continuing spread of drug addiction, accepted as endemic in many parts of the world.  Read More


Smith Biomed specialise in identifying and introducing medical diagnostic point of care tests for use in screening programmes or to create disease/medication management services in the healthcare setting. Recent significant examples are the introduction of the BeneCheck meter for Gout and Cardiovascular Management, screening tests for urinary tract infections, Vitamin D deficiency, Ferritin -Iron Deficiency and a rapid test to detect Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.


Importer and supplier of Drug and Alcohol Test devices. Keeping pace with the rapid development of the Drug and Alcohol Technology.

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